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Aug 2015
Light shades,
Dark shades,
What am i to wear?

Lipstick, mascara,
Base and nail polish,
Mom in the back ground says, ' You're going to college.'

**** !
I need a new bag,
Also a liner by Mac.

Maybelline polishes,
All stacked,
So many colours,
But not black.

I need to apply Revlon,
As much as i can put on,
Making my lashes prominant.

5th Avenue, Still and Elizebeth Arden,
I want to wear them all,
' Oh no, i don't ' says my conscience,
But then again they're scents and my heart wants them.

Unzipping my wallet,
' No ', i have not much.
Making the puppy dog face,
' Mom ! Can i get money to buy a base ? '

She nodded.
' Also i want perfume, liner, mascara and a nail polish. '
She gives me a look.
' Go get your money and spend them on it.'

But i have no money,
I say,
She says,' Get a job and buy all of it.'
Like a baby i sob.

She ignores,
Looking all bored,
So she knows,
I'm acting emotional then why not scold
Arfah Afaqi Zia
Written by
Arfah Afaqi Zia  Pakistan
     PoetryJournal, --- and Arfah Afaqi Zia
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