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Aug 2015
There is no one here,
just you,
and me,
and these heels.

Saturated in liquor,
my inhibitions left me alone,
with a pounding heart,
but I only have this night.
I'm tipsy,
and dripping in front of your room door.
It's 2 a.m. and I couldn't care that you're in slumber.

I climb in your bed
slowly straddling you,
you wake to the scent of my skin.
My hips move around,
to make sure you arouse,
pretending you were already in.
Fully aware,you give me that stare,
as if to ask what I'm doing.
By then it's too late,
my strength is too great,
I've pinned you down,
so you can't move.

With little to undress,
I remove what's left of you,
your nerves begging me to stop.
This is what I want.
Even if you don't,
your body disagrees.
I move my way back up,
getting a taste of the preview.
Swallowing your body
into my mouth,
where my lips begin to play head games.
I know how much you hate "head games",
so I become more vigorous,
making you jump for me.
Staring at your perfect pair,
I lick, ****, massage and repeat.

By then, I'm soaked
ready to choke you
with the most wet set of lips you can imagine.
I grab your shaft and rub your head
on the tiniest hole you could fathom.
Your lips said "don't"!
But I knew better.
Inch by inch,
wetter and wetter.
You tried not to scream,
or even to like it.
Finally so deep,
my kiss touches yours,
only to heighten the moment.
I've already *** twice,
what a treat for me.
My naked flesh hanging down
over your mouth,
you wish for a taste with your tongue.
I give you just a little,
you're getting close,
I can feel it! Almost!

And just as you're about to explode......

I abruptly climb off of you,
and leave you alone to die.
Written by
Thescientist  CA
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