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Aug 2015
can't scrub it clean
trying and trying
some of you don't feel the need
to say so many words
but they're spilling out of my gut
****** glistening knives
shimmering trout always swimming
upstream, upstream
broken record, broken wheel
do you hold it against me?
do you resent me, do you
repent the days you spent even a second
against me, twisting me up inside
apologies that were never real
selfish, evil, young, too self involved to feel
you're good at faking it but
we both are undone
i want a real sorry
an unembellished explanation
from a sociopath, right
i may as well want pigs to fly
*****, spit out the truth
until it makes you choke
on your own venom, on the eggshell
that you crawled out of
you ******* reptile, but what good
does it do screaming into the mouths of crocodiles
we'll keep on sewing up and mending
stitch up all the wounds and hope
for a better ending
really ****** cathartic blurb of thought because it helped me feel better
Written by
   Connor Ruther and ---
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