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Aug 2015
At the gates of heaven
we will be made to
strip and reveal our scars,
our wounds, our addictions,
our hiding.

And we will weep one last time
for joy, and mourning,
at the blood that we shed and was
and for the pain that we felt and he.

"There is nothing to fear,"
He will say,
"There is no struggle left to fight."

And so we will tell of our scars,
and sing and yelp with the crowds
that have already gone before us.

“See this here, on my left breast,
“was gotten the first time I decided to tell
“my parents I was struggling with *******.”

“And this here, on my left leg,
“was gotten the day I decided to ask my
“high school volleyball coach if he
“wanted for a prayer.”

“And this slanted one here,
“on my right forearm,
“was gotten the day I decided to walk away
“from the friendships I yearned to have
“to follow Him.”
Jedd Ong
Written by
Jedd Ong
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