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Aug 2015
Her visage shines like a diamond of despair
Lost I become in the dark pools of her eyes
Pale as the tundra, shining figure in the fog
Her aura thrilling, filling me with lust beneath the sky
As though in a dream
She wanders ever nearer
In the darkness and the fog
I can see her ever clearer
And like a freezing gust of wind
She throws herself upon my flesh
Her dark lips caress my own
Her face is beautiful as death
My beloved Cynthia
Her touch is cold as ice
Oh, my beloved Cynthia
In darkness we're entwined
My beloved Cynthia
My pain all fades away
Oh, my beloved Cynthia
In shadows I embrace
Oh, my beloved Cynthia!
This rapture is filling me
Killing me softly
The sorrow is fading
As sweet death consumes me
Beneath shining stars
My soul leaves my body
And falls to the ground
With her ghost still upon me
Beloved Cynthia
Forever mine
Beloved Cynthia
Two souls entwined
Beloved Cynthia
A beautiful end
My beloved Cynthia
United by death
I wrote this when I discovered that Cynthia means "The Moon Incarnate"
So just.... know that if you're tring to name your daughter and you read this..
Xan Abyss
Written by
Xan Abyss  Palm Springs, CA
(Palm Springs, CA)   
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