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Jan 2010
In my defence
I dared to dream
About places i had yet to see
And who would be at my side.

In my defence
I had offered you my heart
And was looking in your eyes
For an answer

In my defence
I had dared to hope
For a future i never imagined
And started to believe

In my defence
I had loved you too much
And myself not enough
And i got lost along the way

In my defence
I had wanted to be swept away
But was left to fend for myself
Among the wolves and snakes

In my defence
I had expected you to be
A saviour against myself
But you were my tormentor.

In my defence
I was seeking shelter
Against my own voice
But encountered the storm of yours.

In my defence
I am now fighting
Not against you anymore
But against the pain you left behind.
Written by
adele horn
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