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Aug 2010
so alone.
killing all the monsters.
shoe boxes and closets.
don't forget under the stairs
in my best friends coffin.

missing out on life cause I'm scared of death.
wanna die so hard sometimes
it's hard to catch my breath.

wanna try so hard sometimes i stumble.

gotta tie my shoes.
cause these monsters in my head are on the loose.


lost causes and empty hallways
remind me of even lonelier days.

when i used to sell that stuff for fifty a gram
when everyone had a hand taking
but no helping hands.

when everyone seemed to know that master plan
and now everyone sits with their hands in the sand.

use to wanna build dreams out of these sand castles
use to wanna go outside and wrestle
with these monsters.

ya they're all here.

chillin in my bedroom forcing me to dream fear.
and the worst of it all is i let them all in
the saddest part of my life will be when they win.

but I'm not complaining.
nah. me ... never.
i guzzle gasoline.
breathe fire.
I'm a fuel injector.

monsters, more like drama.
sad times more like commas,
in my written book of life i never asked to live
wanna go back in time and tell mommy not to have this kid.

too ****** up now it's time to escape
the monsters inside are flowin on the page
gotta pick 'em back up and take 'em home
with me and my poem.
- From Dishwater.
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