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Aug 2010
get angrier now, there's no sense denying it,

force fed lies to ostracize little girls from buying...

free candy ladies. look over here, James has a pink truck and i swear he's not queer. ha.

i got bubble gum, i know you want some, yummy yummy in the tummy, stop right there I'll force it down

choke. digest. you didn't chew, see how it gets when you don't listen,

Jamison is a confectionery in the kitchen.

i can bake you cookies, just get down on both knees...please.

see i already asked you nicely, .... you know you don't want me to start shoutin' and get violent....girl.

i thought you were my world, how loud do you want me to shout it..

now your lying somewhere where no one can hear you cry

i never thought I'd see the day the cake baker took a life...

and i hard, what could i do, everything in the world reminded me of some cookies.

they're a little ******, but they're not bad, maybe mix it in with the batter the next time I'm mad.

it didn't have to be this way. you forced me to do it,

i am a baker by trade and now I'm covered in your fluids....

god this is gross, ... how am I gonna get these stains outta these clothes

start to choke.

looking at your ****** body.

the... the... the... cadaver is just laying there looking back at me


in my cookie shop I'm panicking...start to wonder how i got pushed this far

now all the cookies are burnt and crumbling.

gotta put those bodies in the oven.

recipes and sweets mean nothing when you don't have love

bake this cake at three hundred and fifty degrees...

just until the hearts inside get gooey and melt over me.

- From Dishwater.
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