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Aug 2015
O humanity, thou hath made the foul mouth a normalcy to men to talk to their Queen's, to calleth them slave word's, as if these women art unseen.

O humanity, thou telleth mankind that disgust in magazine's is OK, whilst little boy's calleth little girl's *****, and ******, making thine action's to the devil's way.

O humanity, thou selleth guns and bomb's to eachother, worship dollar Bill's with little faces on them that ****, as the green paper's art of greed as so many DIETH for.

O the humanity; thou giveth death by the million's, population control through weather, and war's, thou Selleth blood diamond's, and trade *** to rich men from young girl's.

O humanity, lover's of thineself, don't helpeth noone else, the mall is thine luxury, thy lonesome room is seducing to thee, snorting lines to escape what's to cometh from the sky's.

O mankind, the trumpet's art about to be blown, thou art marrying with other's? And their soul's thou doth not knoweth? Thou giveth charity to nonsense? Yet none to God?

O mankind, none more class, none more slow, everything's fast, driving new age Boxcar's to rusheth to work, to put ten pennies in thy tanks? And thou doth not protest the killing and blood squirt?

O mankind, taketh and receiveth? None giving, noone thou needeth? Thou hath given all the time in the world to thy paperwork, yet none for thy lover's, family, or friend's.


©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
This isn't for anyone here just telling truth how mankind has become long ago.. And so many forgot the meaning to our purpose here!!!!! To love forgive and  give charitably expecting nothing back.. Not putting our hands out for taking all... But to give all our souls and lifes for one as God did and does us.. Yet to many are caught up in the world's desires... Yet hopefully they'll see family, lovers, friends, and love period is what life's about!!!! Before to late.... Ps- dont care if this isn't popular I'm not out to win popularity as some think . I'm out to tell you truth
brandon nagley
Written by
brandon nagley  Ohio,USA..
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