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Aug 2015
He's tiger eyed
He's lion hearted, he's wolf spirited - so mysterious
Serious Black couldn't be more devious

Genius as a genie in a bottle, their wish is to follow
No wallows in sorrow, not a bottle swallowed
The boy shined so bright, ever wonder where the stars go?
He shouted in San Diego, they heard him up in Chicago

He goes maps edge to chase what he's pursuing
Viewing his world that they ruined, he knew it could never be new again

Old is his soul but is fresh as the meat to these vultures
War in his peace is the key to his sculpture

Pulse no longer lasts, nothing left in his mass
Fast to the black, left only legacy to pass
Written by
       Lily, ---, SPT, ryn, Sourodeep and 12 others
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