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Aug 2015
She loved storms
Power whirling around her
The sheer force of nature's rage
Every atom in the air charged with tension
Full of reckless, unpredictable life
Thunder that made it sound as if the heavens were to splinter apart above her
Lightning that cracks the charred and blackened sky
Sunlight struggling to get through
But there will be no sunlight in this storm
Rain lashes down
The brutal power raging all around her
As if it were a living being
She loved the power it gave her.
Out there in the fury of nature
Daring the world to go ahead;
Do your worst;
Bring it on.

No thing had a shadow
For we are all in one great shadow,
Are we not?

She loved storms because they reminded her that sometimes

*Even the sky breaks
Sorry this is so long. It kind of got away from me.
Written by
Meg  In my thoughts
(In my thoughts)   
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