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Jul 2015
Today I had thought that time could be linear
A line ever-still with us passing it by
The future is not undetermined and random
But set by the past. Now, let me tell you why

If two people were brought up in the exact same way
If there mothers, the same, and their actions, alike
The thought path and actions of the two would matched
As their genes/experiences make what they do and don't like

If their pasts were the same, their reasoning would too
Then what happens before makes what happens next
So their future is written by the past that they've had
But this can't be right. This is why I'm perplexed

I remember a day that was near ten years ago
My dad had punched through the window in rage
He came rushing upstairs to comfort his kids
As he had been in our spot when he was our age

He apologised dearly with a fist full of glass
He had never wanted to put us through that
Last year he lashed out the same in some sort
But then there was no comforting chat

No "think of the kids", no "what have you done?"
He had now lashed out and was sure deranged
It was this that broke my theory in two
I guess that time itself has changed
Fairly bad structure, but thought I'd get it off my chest
The Black Beast
Written by
The Black Beast  Hertfordshire
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