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Jul 2015
Space by space
Line by line
I look around and see....
Many shadows but no people
Many parties but no music
A dark sky with no stars or moon
I see shadows and no bodies
Running cars with no engines
As newspapers blow with no writing.
Am I dreaming is my thought
But still to find myself
Standing and looking
Seeing so much
With nothing going on.
The conversation I'm having
Seems to be very interesting
To only find out
I've been talking to myself.
(Ring ring), answer
With my palm to my ear
I start walking to the other side
It gets very dramatic as
I fight through a crowd of protestors
With no voices,  hands,  or signs.
I entered a store....
It had no door,  no employees,
And no stock.
So I entered the restroom....
No toilet and no sink.
There happens to be a soda can
On the floor so I picked it up
Quenching with thirst....
I cracked the seal to find myself
In disappointment and anger....
I exited the dry store
Back into the parking lot
Now through the crowd
Back to where I started
To find myself stuck in my
Own mind that is also absent.
As I take one final look around....
No people
No cars
No me
#Lost #Blank Seeing what's not there happens every day. More like imagination.
Clifford Smith
Written by
Clifford Smith  35/M/Rockingham, NC
(35/M/Rockingham, NC)   
       Noah Mytho, Sourodeep, ---, ---, --- and 4 others
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