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Jul 2015
A moment in eternity way back before your eyes could see a flash of light began a spark that later would become your heart.

Not flesh and bone but more than that - ..collision of an artifact... a supernova seismic blast - echos of an ancient past.

Set into motion suddenly - shot forth with much intensity then captured rather gracefully and channeled through the galaxy.

A life began down here on earth a mother, father, and a birth. A newborn baby came to be but always was but now can see.

A birth of pain and agony began the life that was to be life's first breath - and eyes wide open beginnings of a path now spoken.

The silent thread of the heavenlies woven through the complexities a heartbeat like a symphony looking for it's melody.

An inward ache for what once was, a silent gaze towards up above a need for all that used to be, a return to the place of "still" and "free".

Life began and quickly changed a challenge to remain the same. A fight to stay the course at hand a thousand reasons not to stand.

Body frail, heartbeat weak, emotions wander and we cease - to speak of things that used to matter, but instead begin to chatter mindlessly - replacing ecstasy with mundane complacency.

Rise again and find the place where heart and soul and mind embrace. Begin again and never settle - fight the fight to win the battle.

The battle of the mind and soul the struggling to keep it whole - the sacredness of integrity up against humanity.

Surround yourself with light and love and beauty like the stars above. Stay away from all that tangles and the hatred as it strangles.

Be a beacon in the dark, offer peace to broken hearts, share a smile and a tear and do it from a place - where fear no longer has control but light and love are free to grow.

Karis Joy Lmt
Karis Joy Lmt
Maya Grela
Written by
Maya Grela
   Nicole Dawn
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