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Jul 2015
Go down to Skeleton Grove, go now,
Wait for the ghost train to pick you up,
Then walk past
The green bushes,
And into the green maze.

Find there all your childhood memories
Give them a ring.
Place your foot on the lily pad,
Let yourself glide,
Ankle-length hem of your nightie
Trailing against the blue water.
Red and blue flowers slide on the pond surface,
Then dip below.
Like the skulls.

Find the whisperer,
Between the trees.
She's calling out your name, hurry
Run after her , chase her, catch her.

But all you can find is a girl,
With rabbit skin.
Pink eyes closed in a dream,
Small body of bones lain beside her.

The maze keeps going, twisting on itself.
Let the man take your hand, and when you do, let blood blossom all over his body.
Pray for the *******, the stolen lives,
Manifesting here.
Childhood in the looking-glass.

You find yourself falling, falling
The **** of the mermaids, against a rock,
Get out, get out as fast as you can.

But then you realise, you can't.
But then you realise, you've been here all along.
But then you realise, you never left.
Written by
Beckawecka  Ireland
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