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Jul 2015
crystal clear pools of blue, gazing
caught in the vision as if mouse to glue
reality becomes hazy
memorized, I know not what I can do

breathlessly stammering, I try
to express desires deep in my heart
completely enthralled, I just sigh
wishing instantly that we would not part

feeling this way seems too crazy
selfishness gives way to concern for her
walking through my life in a daze
only really knowing one thing for sure

those eyes make me sing, lips, I fly
effortlessly soaring though skies so clear
without her love, I might just die
this thought, to my eye, brings a single tear

summer meadow, perfect daisy
contented kitten expressing through purr
moving stream tranquil and lazy
all of these things just remind me of her –
Sam Temple
Written by
Sam Temple  Oregon
   Marshal Gebbie and ---
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