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Jul 2015
Rub the dust off the windowsill,
For the blinds won't hide you forever.
Open up the lungs with toxic chemicals,
Dying in an attempt to feel better.
Tragic design, outlined with the beautiful,
Got me wondering what the words will mean in my last letter.

Saddened by the losses of those I barely know,
When they played such big parts in my soul's growth.
Even though I know that nothing's set in stone,
I'm haunted all alone by my own death's ghost.
Hard not to imagine the status of my bones
When the aches are awakened by a solo thought's groan.

Every single ripple refuses to reflect the picture clearly,
So I stopped throwing rocks at all I was fearing.
Measuring correlations between my mood and the weather,
Wounds healed, finding me to be recipient and sender.
Eye lost my mind under the moon to realize it really gets better.

Just then I stared at the surface of the calm water and placed my feather~

We'll float on, and carry messages in waves
Your inner child already knows what you need to feel saved
In this life we often place a lot of pain on the grave,
It's time to focus on now, release worry, and be brave.

*Of love, we are all limitless banks
To you, and universal truths, I give thanks~
Written by
RyanMJenkins  30/M/MKE,WI
   August and Brianne Rose
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