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Jul 2015
the air was dry
as the land under these soles
and my hair was dry
as my head under this soul

the wind blew
drifting apart
turning into different directions
and i felt you everywhere

you were on my neck
calculating every line
that had formed
for i had looked down most of the time
and you told me to look up from that moment on

then i felt you on my face
tracing every pores that were open
closing them just like my eyes
for you made them cry while letting them dry

and i breathed you in
going through my lungs
knowing the blood that once picked you up
to put you in my heart

and there was stillness
no movement was made
ive kept you in my heart
and ive not breathed since then

as you blew across my face
through my soul and out my name
we were standing still
as the air from that day
you took off and did not stay

ive not breathed since then
Written by
Leseywut  Philippines
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