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Jul 2015
she posted a note

I wrote this for a Irioc vet's wife it wasn't what she said this was my interputation when she said you don't know me you only know what I let you know to me it was a person hurting trying to be tough


The telling by night and day she stands in the dark glen her
Thoughts and troubles make the surroundings turn from airy to thermo brooding dark and mastic a
Black stallion stands near with its hostile significance obvious as a nightmare colt now full grown it paws
The ground deep and wildly like her own thoughts the night changes from different shades of black as
She reels in the tumult that varied troubles bring the wind begins to rise the branches begin a violent
Torrent of complaint great torment is displayed outward calm belies the war within how quickly time
Changes things long ago in another time and place blue and white clouds could be seen through the
Blazing foliage an aura highlighted splendor tinged all elements that were in conscious view the black
Stallion was replaced by the grey gentle even the face gave wonderful expressive peacefulness its stance
Was as if it gave an outline to mellow you could see her standing as in an arching trellised gate blossoms
Now gently blow where before only thorns gleamed as lighting flashed and you could see in her eyes a
Wounded soul that had to bear up under sudden hardship not the kind you grow into but that which
You Are thrown into you have to leap to your feet and try to convince all onlookers you have control
While actually you are just a little terrified girl that must make great strides to become a woman of
Empowered senses the war front defenses are made now in the living room not in far away scarred
Lands soldiers are trained women are the soft spirits that must learn to make armor from brokenness
That is well fitted and enduring while she is the lone sentential in an emotional fragmented world you
Will find love is the greatest weapon in this hidden world where illusion of peace mocks openly but
Freedom is the stronghold of those that love peace and fair play for all.
Written by
Hal Loyd Denton  Pana Ill
(Pana Ill)   
   --- and Poetic T
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