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Jul 2015
A child she is during this war
alone deep down in her abyss
she fights the devil for years on end
no one see's the evil forced upon her

She fights with silence
that is beyond deafening
The death that try's to eat at her soul
plays Russian roulette from minute to year

   Abscesses from a razor sharp tongue
of her oppressor causes screams that ooze
humiliation that suffocates her mere life
and threatens her very existence

As age grows on, her weapons do grow
Knowledge arises from eyes that open
And time has come to assassinate
the soul wrenching venom that grips her

Then fear in her antagonising foe swells
When it see's his victim begin to raise her blade
Stepping back to contemplate its failing moves
it shakes of anger and its balance is lost

Seeing the confused spineless thing
she spits upon him words of revelation
that throws his existence into non existence
and the soul of a woman rises from the cradle of hell

Written by E.M.Rushton
A monster it takes to abuse a child .
Eva Rushton
Written by
Eva Rushton  Nova Scotia
(Nova Scotia)   
   Sara Murray, elixir and verda
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