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Jul 2015
She comes to vibrate with you
Without seeing already the meaning,
Since the time pure life thinking,
When it grows that winter afternoon,
In the reservation of the pleasure,
Simple without cruelty a life,
In the purity a dream as a treasure,
A life whole innocence comes to tell her.
That's too much but amazing as never,
You do not forget Morenita,
Neither two eyes said by you to love her,
She does not forget, Morenita,
Either you in the daytime with coldness,
You enjoyment touching the moon.
In the first time with her,
It was for you a madness,
How long for telling you,
And that beautiful moment to appear,
Dreams and longings, and happinesses, a life,
Your life, she is in, you can for her,
That's too much but still alive forever.
Ultimate poem to close the book. Thank you to all of you for your friendly care for my first writing in English . I discovered HP and came here by her and for her, remained quiet, to let her go from my soul, without success... Let me express to all of you my gratitude to read, share, learn and feel so many amazing behaviours and slices of life. Wish to all of you only the best.
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