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Jul 2015
Ever feel trapped In your own skin?
Like you can't begin to remember yourself?
Someone threw the blanket over your eyes,
Only you were born with it,
Covered all over in a tight grasp of humanness.

Sure you can scratch all you want,
But there's no escape.
You are you,
You've always been

Don't hurt yourself anymore,
Let your scars show, for once let them show you off!
You can stop living like you never cared...
Because when you cared enough to tell your self you didn't care you only cared so much more...
Of who you've become
Maybe of who you can be...

And you can be!
Anything and anyone,
But you've got to be you in being someone.
And they will love you
For the scratches and the claw marks,
As you tried to tear yourself free from your personal prison.
Wars end... And fingernails break... And hearts bleed...

You can be you now.
And I love you!
Written by
SpazticOrange  Malaysia
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