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Jul 2015
Dear self,

you are ******* strong.
No you don’t lift weights, you lift souls.
You carry the weight of others  on your shoulders, you carry the universe inside of you.

If I could pick one tree to describe you it would be a redwood,
they are strong, wise and sturdy,
they know who they are.

You are stronger than anyone I’ve ever known, you are always there for others, sometimes you have to remember to be there for yourself.

You are important.
Without you tears wouldn’t have a shoulder to catch their fall,
some broken hearts would never be healed,
without you, some people might never be who they are today.

Remember that you are star dust,
you are constellations,
you carry so much more than anyone will ever know, but we know.

You are a life force,
you carry everything inside you,
it's ok if you want to let it out sometimes.

You’re wise,
you do not get straight A's but you understand life, and you understand other people and that is more important than the pythagorean theorem.

You have the greenest eyes, like emeralds they twinkle in the sunlight, you deserve to have someone look in them and feel like they are dancing on diamonds.

Yes, you have stomach rolls, you are not a size zero, but you are not your stomach rolls, you are not a size,
you are a soul.

Its ok to be bigger than the other girls, it's ok to have thick thighs, wear those shorts shorts,
wear those tight jeans, you are beautiful.

You are a complex life source.
Your hair is the color of roots, deep dark red roots, let that hair down, you are repunzel.

You love others.
Never forget how much love you contain in your heart, it is infinite, it is endless.
Never forget how much you give,
but remember to keep pieces for yourself.

You are a poet, artist, singer,  yogi, a rock climber,
you are passionate,
you care.

You are a ******* vegan,
hell yeah,
You do not want to cause harm, you put your desires on the side because the world is bigger than just yourself, you understand that.

You are powerful because you are not defined, you are a piece of art,
the paint brush never stops painting,
you can be whoever you want to be, you are infinite, your possibilities are boundless.
Don’t limit yourself,
never doubt your capability.

You are a poem you don't have an ending,
there are sad parts
and rainbows,
you are an explosions of colors
promise me you will never be anything less.

You are love, light and laughter
You are a human tissue, you soak in everyone else, you are full of tears, it is ok to let yourself cry,
cry my darling, cry.
Becca Lansman
Written by
Becca Lansman  22/F/Squamish B.C
(22/F/Squamish B.C)   
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