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Jul 2015
centelleo, centelleo, mi amour',
I shalt travel by foot, right to thy door!
Up above the moon so high,
I shalt exhilarate thee in thine mind.

When the colorful universe hath passed,
And All the glacier's melt so fast,
Then thou wilt illuminate,
centelleo, centelleo, on ourn impresionante date.

Than the watchmen in the dusk
Giveth thee thanks, of aloe and musk:
He couldst not seeith which way to flyeth,
But thine own light to all inviteth.....

In those dark brown eyes thou keepeth,
And always in mine soul thou peepeth,
For please don't ever close thine eye's
Until mine lips art met with thine own so fine....

As thy centelleo glints mine room,
And as thy centelleo is flared by thee mine muse,
I shalt continue to be thy poet
Writing a million poem's a day for thee so everyone shalt know it.

Β©Brandon nagley
Β©Lonesome poet's poetry
centelleo- means twinkle Spanish tongue

Twinkle twinkle Little Star originally done by a Jane Taylor as a lullaby I redid it for mi amour (:
impresionante- means awe-inspiring or awesome in Spain's tongue  (: either way
brandon nagley
Written by
brandon nagley  Ohio,USA..
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