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Jul 2015
sometimes i scroll through social media and think,
is this the world im living in?
am i allowed to be myself without society looking at me and doing nothing but judge?
am i allowed to be myself without being judged? no.
god, a little respect
im not going to starve myself so that i can be looked at positively by people i dont care about
i will remain healthy, and i will remain happy
my life is not going to be disrespected by a bunch of people who think i will listen to them telling me im not good enough.
so what? im not 100% satisfied with my appearance, and i will become pretty
and not with makeup or diet pills, but with support and kindness.
society will keep raising girls to believe that beauty comes before brains
and they will keep raising boys to believe that girls are not powerful, amd that power is for men
i will not belittle myself to an expectation set by someone else
because my goals arent to get a husband, have children, become a housewife.
my goals are to have a job that makes me happy, and a wife that makes me happy, and children that make me happy.
and i wont be put in a life that makes me mad.
there are so many people that would rather die than be put in an unhappy life
and im one of them.
and all i ask for is people to stop judging me and other women who feel this way
and to stop judging men who like men or are girly or dont want to be strong and muscly
just let us be ourselves
space boy
Written by
space boy
       Ashton Grayson Everly and PrttyBrd
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