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Jul 2015
My mind is a cøffer øf cømført,  
  take what yøu will at yøur lesiure.
    Wørry nøt øf replenishing the reserves.
      My arms are an øpen ørphanage–
        shøuld løve and høpe have passed away,
          find refuge frøm the cøld
            biting winds øf apathy in my arms.
              Sip frøm my pøøls øf patience
                and extinguish the flames øf frustratiøn
                  that grøw deep within yøu.
                    If yøu have guns før hands
                      then secure the safety              
                        and always pøint at my perseverance,
                          never at yøur persøn.
                            When yøu are weak,
                              knøw that my knees will knøck
                                 but I will cøntinually carry yøu
                                   till the end øf yøur days.
Inspired by the søng "Guns For Hands" x Twenty Øne Piløts, I alsø tøøk the "øpen ørphanage" line from the søng "27" x Fall Øut Bøy

(yes, all the alliteratiøn was intentiønal)
Written by
Harsh  Maryland
       katie, ---, Mermaid, Gabriella A, Justin G and 5 others
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