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Jul 2015
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I don’t want a love like the fireworks–explosive, colorful, perhaps ideal for Instagram filters
instead a quiet love, for pictures for ourselves: unperfection is no flaw love
I don’t want love like the wind! Don’t run from me; we are more than the seasons
instead let us ditch the way the world can pull on us.
I don’t want a love with you if you love me at my worst
instead make me love you until I’m at my best
I want to go home to midnight talk
and you can bring those elusive
fireworks into my tummy.
forget that i am
i’m dying to meet you:
no-one in this world
has made me feel much of much of much

repeat words to me you love
even if it’s just the rolling of your tongue
that brings you pleasure’
i can move for you, for you, for you

i have not met you yet–but
when I do, pretend you never read my poems
because this cadence, it didn’t start for you.
I was in love before; in all the wrong ways and places

There are rivers where I left my
teenage innocence
The holidays of my youth are dwindling
please make my mouth curve up
for my last Christmas and birthday as a kid

Make me regret missing dinners with my family
to do drugs I start to need;
don’t meet me. I am better off
Written by
Hedonic Nihilist  Florida
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