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Sep 2011
when the black cat crosses your path just to spite you
and when he crosses back again to excite you.
and when the sky breaks and falls down upon you,
it drips down to the street the ground it flows through.
and theres a hornets nest outside your door
and you fear leavin' home,
you cant endure anymore poison stings upon your skin.

and years later lyin' in your bed,
you cough and sputter;
old heart beatin' in your chest,
but it might as well be in the gutter.
and when you raise up with all you got,
but your legs give way they have succumb to rot.
when your eyes have grown white and weak
and they have to strain to see who speaks.
and when your hands are shakin' like a jack hammer quakin'

and finally you feel your mind bend and breakin'
the heavy sound is like the metal scrape of a rake.
you knew you would die soon,
but you didn't think it would take
all but ten minutes to finally feel the freedom you held in your bones.
and all your life you've been destroying your body to build a throne,
upon which to lay down the soul that you kept locked inside.
whether it be fear or pride,
the point is you never lived your life like a thousand rays of sunshine fell on your windowsill.

and you cried for the release of what was inside,
but it wasn't a cry of joy,
it was short dry and shrill
like a drill cutting through an anvil.
and finally the rattle breaks through the last of your bones
when gently you fall and out of your body flown
your vigin soul to rest on your throne
CC Capie
Written by
CC Capie
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