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Jul 2015
a deep dark abyss
of a heart rises
the pain she can’t resist
unknowingly consuming her

it starts as nothing
a night crying disregarded
thought as hormones
not actual tears from her heart

the silence follows
people pushing feelings aside
not knowing the silly words hurt
not knowing how she cries at night

she’s regarded as talentless
thought as a person without
attention-worthy opinions
one who’s feelings don’t matter

she tempts thoughts of harm
picking up a blade, but setting it back
knowing she couldn’t stand the pain afterwards
just wanting people to see how she hurts

just wanting people to care for her
just wanting to be appreciated
just wanting people to pray for her
but no one knows

so the pain just sits in her heart
even with a smile on her face
even when she laughs
inside, she cries
Wrote this three years ago. Life was not going well.
Hannah Bauer
Written by
Hannah Bauer
   ---, Mike Hauser and AJ
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