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Sep 2011
Pulled aside to take a ride and keep a woman safe
His violent requests had earned a hospital visit to assess
The teacher and I stopped his brawl and the woman brought the car
With a fisherman added to the crew we departed; bodyguards
Highway gusts were funneled through narrow window tunnel
And slammed slammers in their disguised eyes, flanking the hopeful one
The fisherman and therapist kept calm with blank expression
The hopeful was distressed, surrounded by muscled strangers
Hospital staff turned skeptical on contact seeing bruises
For even sturdy boys will not require three grown men
Clearly uncomfortable with new role of enforcer
We sat in the waiting room confused and uninformed
For we had met the hopeful boy moments before departure
And even through the visit we were more strange than friend
In our line of work we learn that goodbyeโ€™s are forever
So I donโ€™t plan on seeing that hopeful boy again
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