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Jun 2015
A mid morning spent
In the shade
Of a pine tree
I believe

Amongst the company
Of scrub jays
And ground squirrels

I lay on my yoga mat
In the presence of Yaweh
The Great I AM
He is Eternal
And so is his love for humankind

Man cannot comprehend
The Father, God
He is perfect
In ways we cannot fathom
He sent his son to save us

Because of our sins
Because of our wicked
Thoughts and deeds
His Son, Jesus took on
The sins of the world
Then the Father raised him
The overcomer
Believe in Jesus of Nazareth
His love for mankind endures

I read Theology in Exodus
According to the author,

The midwives "feared God"
And let the male children live
So God rewarded them

According to Gowan,
These writers tell of a God
Who insists, when they
Cry out to me, I will surely
Hear their cry"

Cry out to Him!
He will listen, he is merciful
Jesus loves you

The midwives showed mercy
And you should too
Show mercy unto others
And the Lord Jesus
Will show mercy unto you

Pronounce with your lips
That Jesus is Lord
Believe in your heart
That God resurrected him

Pray for mercy

He is righteous, He is pure
He is all knowing,
He is present everywhere
His love endures forever

Jesus is Lord
Lord of heaven
And Lord of earth
There is no way to the Father
Except through him

A difficult time is coming
To America

You know I was reading
About the Israelites today
The Lord was with them
As they suffered
Under the Egyptians

The Lord will be with
Christians in America

As this nation will be judged
Written by
Matt  34/M/Los Angeles
(34/M/Los Angeles)   
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