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Jun 2015
he loves the way i drink my shots of whisky,
i love the way he stares at me in bed
the scent of cigarette love in the air and baby
this is just the beginning of the end
they say he's too cool to know me
i say i'm too young to care
because the way he drives all through
the night makes me stop and stare
he doesn't give a **** and his excuse is
he's young and so am i,
we're too reckless to live by the rules
and too hopeless to care about getting caught
he calls me bonnie i call him clyde
we love money and getting high
and if i die tonight
then give my money to my mother
and my regards to my father,
tell him i slit his throat in this dream i had
imagine our children,
how ****** would they be?
mommy's a ******,
daddy lives in a dream
there's nothing wrong with dreaming
though, it's the waking up that kills people
it's the waking up
that killed me

"they say i'm too young to love you"- brooklyn baby
"if you see my dad, tell him i slit his throat in this dream i had"- My Name Is
imagine our children,/how ****** would they be?/mommy's a ******,/daddy lives in a dream- the neighborhood
this entire poem is made up of song references sorry
heather leather
Written by
heather leather  17/F/wonderland.
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