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Jun 2015
Soldier alone,
     sheds tears that no one sees
          as he gazes into a smoke filled sky
              across the bluest seas....
Crack's of angry gunfire, amidst the blast of pain
      racks the world around him
          senseless and insane.
A thought of home
     a thought of a new life to be
          is the only hope he can grasp
              to set his spirit free....
Within this troubled world
    a prayer this day he'll say
        to a God of which he still believes
           exist in every way.
              "Dear God! of this I hope and heart-fully pray,
                   that you stand by my side and protect me,                                        
                     each moment
                       in each
                        in every way;                                                             ­                               
                         for the good of all I love
                            for my hearts desire this day
                            is to once again caress,
                                 the ones I dearly love,
                                   in my home, so far away.
                                      I beckon your spirit
                                         to  please!                                                                  ­                                                           Fill my entire soul.....
                                            May I live to see the day                                                                    when I can gracefully
                                                      and happily,  grow old...
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
Written by
Daniel Jay Mc Shane
       Pamela Rae and brandon nagley
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