Jun 2015

By Arcassin B & dawn

AB: Roses on a coffin couldn't stop me from lovin her,
Her dark humor was a treasure to all,
Admired by thousands and if not then all,
She lit up the base of this room,
Even where they north wing was,
My suckle honey bee that buzzed,
With a cause and an effect to this love I have for her,
Missing her made my eyes flow of rivers,
With fishes and alligators,
We'll save the streams for later,
Like wall-e and Eve,
Adam he took your place,
And even I can sense her presence through a paper plate,
Being there for her would a scouts honor,
I'll push all my paperwork aside for some sweet talk,
Awww ! Now look at her,
making me all soft,
Angels bless the footsteps she leaves,
Covered in dirt,
But not hard to detect,
Trust me I'll always give her all my respect,
Skip rocks in the pond By the old cemetery,
Walk across the bridge on the old dirt roads,
The adventure to us is a must,
We could celebrate with cheese and crackers,
She was tempted to touch,
Doesn't bother her as much,
To have sensual healing,
Being molested, she wasn't use to much,
But I comfort her,
Laying my eyes apon the very power deep in her soul,
And for the people that hurt her,
Always a grudge I must hold,
We gave me everything and more and I won't take that for granted,
The measure of our time together will be a perfect candid.

DK: She is the sweet breezes of the solemn yard
How she laughs in the face of my demons
As if a walking harmony
I lie awake nights to draw down the moon
Thick with hollowed air
Sweet pollen in my ears
We were bound in the stars
Ebb and flow are my waters
Predator and prey
Let them be where they lay
No room for penance today
A celestial facade
Or a wall made of stone
My infallible faith
The quiet tones of my dreams
The vision steals my breath
To my internal depths
I may continue her path
The blood of the earth
Just open your heart
My word is my honor

I notice this since I started HP that my collabs have been trending more than my solos , please show some support to anything I put out  please thank you.
Arcassin B
Written by
Arcassin B  19/M/Palm Coast , FL
(19/M/Palm Coast , FL)   
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