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Aug 2011
Along a narrow, vacant street at 2 a.m.

Underneath the threatening lights of peril

An act of ******* was taking place between

A beautiful cigarette and the orifice of my lips

Halloween had not yet dawned upon us

Yet as I walk Jack-O-Lanterns smile at me

Displaying minor quakes of bloodthirsty evil

While a serum of scorn soaks my tongue

With a heartless trick of ice, cold malice

Summoning the entire town to its kneecaps

Devils regurgitate lullabies resembling the sound

Of nails ****** a chalkboard sparing no mercy

Arousing the hopeless romantics

To awaken a graveyard

And **** the corpses until they're

Resurrected from their comas

As the nymphomaniacs ice

Their frozen flesh with *****

Painting an ocean of abstract thoughts

Across the edges of their frames of mind

Do morticians make up the majority

Of necrophilia related crimes?

Maybe so but, I bet they had never felt

A ****** so dry and so cold

Yet still the thrill of chills tickle these criminal's spines

While they measure their screams careful not to awaken

The beautifully disgusting corpses that lie before them

They turn their heads only to find a pair of scarlet eyes

Gawking at them from within a cowardly shield of fear

Darkness was it's home, Mother to all its desires

In my opinion it was just a phase; A massacre encaged
Glenn McCrary
Written by
Glenn McCrary
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