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Aug 2011
God I had a nightmare and You
were in it.Β Β You were ink
smeared across the darkness.
The space between stars.
The void between clusters
Of stars.Β Β Moving
Across the Face
Of the Deep.
So far were the stars
from each other
that there was just black.
Passing in the empty,
three Hydrogen atoms
clung to my skin,
one after one,
then gathered more,
more; like singing
some silent conspiracy;
clinging each to each,
dusting my skin
eyes mouth throat;
lungs breathing in,
out the crystals;
I felt about to flame
the blackness,
but woke, bells ringing,
cold in damp sheets.

Jay Bain
August, 2011
Jay Bain
Written by
Jay Bain
   P E Kaplan and Julian Dorothea
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