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Jun 2015
A flatulent king sits
Slouching, scratching,
Congealing to his throne of gold.

His army of a billion men
Are clad in ****** bibs
And grins.
Equipped with hate
And hollow eyes
They stand redily assembled.  

The king is a miser.
His face is a lie.
His motives are equally clear.

Royal subjects within the walls
Respect only of weakness and fear.

They are taxed and harassed.
For knowledge they're knived.
The wisest of Wiseman
Are forced to take bribes.

Their children are taken and
Hidden away
At the mechanized dawn
That announces each day

To learn to be
Ruthless and cruel.
To take advantage of fools.

Greed and malice are tools to be used
At their s and m brainwashing schools.

So their eyes turn jade
And their words turn black
As they cut up their hands
Stabbing themselves in the back.

They're just being taught
How to buy and be bought.

To serve the king;
A gear in his machine.

The ones who concede,
Buy into the greed
But their weakening teeth snap!

One by one
As they go round the vicious circle.

So they end up
Sunken eyed.

They dangle their
Dot spangled
Hands at their sides.

And although they loose,
Somehow they win.

They end up running
The world we live in.
Benjamin Paul Hansen
Written by
Benjamin Paul Hansen  Spokane Washington
(Spokane Washington)   
   Eiliv Advena
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