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Jun 2015
there is a hole in my heart
that is narrow,
though it is not big
it is only shallow
still it leaves
my spirit hollow
like the loss of a limb
or death of a sparrow
leaving me alone to wallow
in my preposterous sorrow
taken to tears i will shed
until tomorrow.....

vaguely i recall,
a sorry encounter
loving an angel
a rogue in disguise
little mistakes
to carelessly caution
the heart that sells
emotions by auction
how am i able to stand this?
he has no compunction

the same mistakes
i keep on repeating
promise my heart
that it would stop beating
but never it could
though seriously wasting
we have no control
of all our excesses

in reckless precision
i root my position
in lying ambition
the fire of ignition
burned my back
for courage i lack
to vehemently deny
this false recognition

what causes me to act
like keyholes in doorlocks?
always the passive answer
to a resistance?
can i not shine on
my own accord?
must i dream of luxuries
i can not afford?

i see myself
standing on my head
discarding the robes
like snakes in the shed
lying in my bed
and lying to myself
i am boring a hollow
but shallow hole in my heart

perhaps i deserve
the idiocy i create....
For: Errol Flynn
Jean Rojas
Written by
Jean Rojas  Philippines
   Dhaye Margaux
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