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Jun 2015
Do you know what it's like, when your insecurities take over, & leave you with more death wishes than the breaths you take in a day? When you want so much to just give up, & leave, so nobody has to see your every flaw? But then there's that one person, that's all it takes; just one person, who keeps showing up & loving everything that you hate about yourself. That one person just shows up, enters your insecurity-infested life, & then starts fighting for you. So every time you feel like giving up, & you convince yourself it's time to give everyone a break from you, that person shows up, & pushes you to stay. They remind you how much they love your flaws, & imperfections. They tell you over & over that everyone isn't perfect, & that they love you the way you are, & they fight for you to stay. Soon, every time you want to give up, you automatically fight that urge, even though your insides are screaming that you're making a mistake by staying, but you stay anyway.
You fight it, & you stay.
For them.
Do you know what that's like?
I was sleeping when I thought this, woke up, wrote it all down, now I'm posting it 11 hours later.
Written by
Murredith  22/F/Ontario, Canada
(22/F/Ontario, Canada)   
     writer and ---
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