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Jun 2015
A story is brothers with a poem.
That's all this is, family.

Your soul couldn't get any bigger,
twilight crept over your toes, and
before you knew it---
it was gliding along your throat.

Cliffs aren't made of bones,
they rock and gleam like armor gnashing
twin dragon scales.  The earth growls and lashes, dominance is its domain.

Bellow my legs I view the darkness pleading~
I've never witnessed a starving sea,
it begged to swallow every inch of
my crippled heart of wine.

I'm hanging by the wires we call gallows,
tendrils thinning like my silver lining.
Soon I'll feel the tides swallowing at my spine.
When I fall,
I'll do so

This cliff has lockjaw,
the stones morphing into fangs of a Greek legend.
You're staring at me,
Saturn now makes its home in your auburn depths.
How I'll miss the misty mountains,
because you named them
after me.

A whisper louder than thunder,
lonesome ashes staining venom on my tongue.  
Coughing up my regrets as if
I had lung cancer.

I'm a hanging nightmare.
That's ready to drown.

No wonder they call you daughter of old man winter, you're practically frozen in place.
I've seen the universe, but I think I'll swing by hell for a change.

"Ahkira....Ahkira look at me."
Why must your voice be so drippy?  I thought you were a frost flower.
Since when did you melt when it sleeted?


"Don't let go....Don't let go please...I'm coming."

"It's no use.  I'm going to die,
Oh but darling,
you should've stayed glued to glass.

"Don't say that!  I-"
With a lurch the mottled sky pinned you down,
senselessly, you crashed to the floor, 6 feet away from my hourglass body.

"Give me your hand!"
You reached, but I couldn't hold the wire.

But I was wrong.
Your soul multiplied.
It expanded.

But before I fell into the hug of oblivion, I tugged at your heartstrings my very last time.
I brushed the surface of your being and my words stung perfectly in your ear.
"Close your eyes."
You never did.

This is about two girls, on a cliffside.  One is hanging from the cliffs edge, while the other is paralyzed from fear.  The girl is hanging is the one leading the poem.
As there is a massive storm around them making the area dangerous.
The girl who is trying to save the other finally runs forth, but wind knocks her off her feet.  Out of breath, she reaches for the other while crying and screaming.  But the other is slipping.
Then she falls.

"Close your eyes."
You don't want to see me struggle.

For Lycan.
© Copywrited
Written by
Skaidrum  The Basalisk's Chambers
(The Basalisk's Chambers)   
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