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Aug 2011
The cutting edge never felt so safe
As it did in your hands as you built me up
To the highest of rooftops then sliced me to shreds
And dangled my bedraggled mind from the ledge

The howling wind never felt so calm
As it did in my ears when you waved goodbye
With the hand that had held me so high and so hard
Turned soft as your pity filled smile from afar

The solid ground never felt so sure
Running into my arms like a long lost lover
Spearing my thoughts with its soul searching gaze
Shattering bones in its forceful embrace

The lonely road never felt so crowded
As it did with my head and my heart shared around
Chill winter rain washing the ground where I lay
Blowing clean through my soul as they took me away

My (final) resting place never felt so disturbed
As I, in my eternal bed in the air
Find myself bound and ******* to the post
As smiling you endlessly toy with my ghost,
As endlessly smiling you toy with my ghost.
This one works best in performance, or even just read aloud.
Written by
     martin, ---, Anna and Katrina Wendt
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