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Jun 2015
I wish that I could fall in love. Be in a true, compassionate, loyal, and loving relationship. If I could make it happen right now, I would. I picture a face, but I know it will not be him. Because if it was, we would have fallen in love the first time our eyes met. Oh, I wish it could be him, but I know there is better. Which means I have to wait... My heart was broken and still is healing. It's just been so long without a relationship. No, it's not a bad thing at all. But I've been longing for passion. I want fire in my heart again. When it's dark, when it's night, I'm laying awake in my bed, my thoughts engulf me. That makes me imaging that someone is there to rescue me. He'd wrap his arms around me, and hold me until the tears stop falling. He would kiss me, and say that everything will be alright because he is here. He would be someone that I could turn to when I feel my brain taking all control over me. He could protect me from my own mind, and make it all for the better. But then my imagination has turned back to reality, and I realize that my wish was not granted. Many people say that dreams do come true. But how much should I believe it? Even if it is true, that still means waiting. Waiting to get through the night, another day, another week, another year. Waiting to get through all of this pain and suffering. But when I finally end up with the one of my dreams, I will truly be able to say:

"I've waited for you my whole life."
Written by
Marissa  Minnesota, USA
(Minnesota, USA)   
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