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May 2015
We all make mistakes
We all choose a path
But I guess mine will haunt me
As I lay in the bath

As I lay in my bed
As I ride on the bus
This mistake that I speak of
Is the mistake of us

"The way to get over one
Is to get under another"
My mistake that now haunts me
Is 'cause I didn't really love her

I was in love with the first
And then 'liked' the next
I wasn't quite sure
Now I'm truly perplexed

But as the due date approaches
She assured me "it's not yours"
Then tells me to F* off
And closes all the doors

If it's mine I'll accept it
(Though my parents will shout)
It's funny but oh how
I wish I'd pulled out

I'm not ready to father
A child on this Earth
But I guess I'll have no choice
When just after birth

The child comes out with
A darker skin tone
Than the father she claims,
But my seed has been sewn

Only time can convict me
Or clear me of rights.
But until then it will always
Haunt me at the night

But regardless, I proclaim now
That whatever comes
I'll love it if it is mine
(But I'll still hate the mum)
Is it wrong to wish it's not mine?
The Black Beast
Written by
The Black Beast  Hertfordshire
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