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May 2015
It's 3:43 and I am staring at my ceiling. Thinking. Thinking too much about something so little. I'm thinking about my mistakes. How stupid could I be? I couldn't answer a problem right in math. I'm so stupid. I have math tomorrow and people are going to bully me. Bullies. It's been 7 years of their torment but hey I deserve it. I deserve it. Pain, I deserve pain because im alone. I'm forever alone. No one will ever love me. Ha love. What a stupid topic. It gets thrown around like its my important. I love this, she loves that. They don't love it. No one loves anything. Love is fake. Fake. Fake like my happiness. It's now 4:30, and all I can think is how tomorrow night will be a constant train of thoughts crashing into eachother, just like every night. Every night.
Kyra Wilder
Written by
Kyra Wilder
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