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May 2015
I never knew what it was that I wanted, but now I do,
to queue, to queue, to stand in a queue waiting quietly for you and as the queue snakes it breaks and reforms and takes the form of a snake and the best bit is where the start of it disappears into the end.
As I bend and writhe the snake comes alive spitting but missing hissing and hitting the mark, in the dark you can't see who's in the queue, but you hear them,
old men, young men, men when  the ale house turns out and lots of females too join the queue, I can sense them among the old and the young men, their perfume leaves little room for doubt.
And who knows where the queue goes, but we queue anyway, one day we'll queue our life away and
I'll be in the queue for that.
John Edward Smallshaw
Written by
John Edward Smallshaw  63/Here and now
(63/Here and now)   
     --- and NV
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