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Aug 2011
Goldilocks Paradigm

this soup is too hot this soup is too cold
this chair is too big this chair is too small
this bed is too soft this bed is too hard
this world is just right at least for most of us all

scientists say that we are lucky to be alive
that the forces of nature balanced just right
at least in this universe we manage to survive
a perfect balance of day and night

if the gravitational forces were stronger or more weak
if the temperatures were much hotter or cold
if the air was too thin or thick at its peak
all these essentials more valuable than gold

in the multi-universe theory this one is just right
blending all the cosmic ingrediants just so to fit
for life as we know it with our imperfect sight
  these 3 fuzzy bears packed neatly in a kit

I try telling you stories of science that make sense
sometimes hard finding words meaningful that rhyme
words not about love or hate or feelings so tense
that fit nicely in the Goldilocks Paradigm    
David Nelson ....
David Nelson
Written by
David Nelson  Missouri
   Timothy W
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