Aug 2011

That’s it.
I’m done with metaphors.
I’m done with comparisons.
I’m done with poetic lyrics.
(Though, they will probably slip in anyway.)
But no more nonsense.
Just me,
Bare emotions.

I can go on all day about wanting to forget,
Wishing it all to go away,
Believing that I mean nothing,
Supposing that you don’t care,
Distracting myself,
And talking as if none of it matters.
The truth is I don’t buy into any of that garbage.
It’s only the material that forms the mask I put on every morning.
My sword and my shield.

I put down my guard and remove the mask
Only when I am alone.
This is when I am safe.
…But am I?
Is a hiding heart truly protected?
Exposed, I would tell you that
Loving you is the greatest, most rewarding thing
Life has ever brought me.
This is the truth,
This has always been the truth,
And this will continue as truth.

You are not the ones before you.
This love is not desperate,
This love is not juvenile,
This love is not hollow,
And this love is not love of the idea.
This love is pure,
And not halting.
This love is –
Well… love –
As is should be.

I don’t need you to save me.
He already did that by bringing me to you.
You see, I lost myself long ago –
You know this –
And when I lost myself,
You found me,
But I never found myself.
At last I have.
At last there is independence in me
I have never known before,
Free from the bond of love the noun.
Realization of love the verb.

And I do.

No, I do not need you to resurrect me.
I'm stronger than you know.
I am not broken,
I am not needy,
I am not desperate. –
I am a better person for this,
And I now know my wish comes from the right roots within.
My desires have not changed.
My love has not faltered;
It has grown.

No, I do not need to be rescued.
I just want you next to me,
Here by me,
Close to me.
Literally and emotionally.

Kairee Franzen
Written by
Kairee Franzen
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