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Aug 2011
I saw a star fall from the sky tonight.
It made me think about the beginning and end of life,
And everything inbetween.
This is known as 'living'; a tedious form of biology
Beautiful, evidently, in its own way
And a conundrum drowning every mind on the planet.
So ceaselessly devoted to understanding, are we
That most of our time 'living' is spent on this process,
As if our purpose and place is to find our purpose and place.
We exist as the ultimate dramatic irony,
Our spectators laughing as we sit perplexed
Only to be snatched before a conclusion is reached.

As the star fell, its tail faded
Catching up to its head in the process before disappearing into nothingness.
Is this what will happen to us?
Are our thoughts, feelings, desires, temptations, urges, wonderments, emotions, character and self
Really so easily snuffed?
Do we just disappear?
In the scale of things, do we really matter?
No; I am comforted by the thought that the star lives on
Free to travel the universe and impact on beings,
Be it beyond our level of reasoning.
And even if it no longer can be viewed, no longer implore others to its self,
I know it hit upon me in a manner I will never forget:
It has changed my own course just as gravity changed his,
Through myself and anyone that saw it, it will live on.
It will continue to be.
It will continue to exist.
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