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May 2015
Some folks hide behind blinders only seeing fantasies instead of truth.
Truth that has stayed before many to witness and not be fooled.
It's the new racism that trickled down from the old.

Oh, to the news , it's like something new.
To those that has dealt with it constantly.
They just never has been asked the question.

Whether it's on the police force.
Or simply from co-workers.
The new racism never fooled many of us.

Some use the blame affirmative action excuse.
Others states, they more qualify than you.
When in truth both aren't always true.

Especially, when youΒ Β aware that many with college degrees.
And you probably without can do the job better.
And it's has nothing to do with color.

Some feel comfortable around their own.
Then these the same you see in those segregation videos.
Advising others, they should go back home.

When in truth, it's now a choice if you chose too.
Cause in this new racism , many still using tools to defeat you.
jeffrey conyers
Written by
jeffrey conyers  united states
(united states)   
     mark cleavenger, --- and Deadmute
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