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May 2015
Trying to unwad the jumble of words from in my head
It makes me sick and I profusely *****
Throwing up the rotten words I've thought but never said
There's a mess here, we need a janitor on it

My insides are on the floor, in a neat pile
And my puke coats the entire floor and ground
As I continue to hurl, I look up at you and smile
As I spray you and make such disgusting sounds

*****, *****,
putrid, nasty *****
Coating my feet in its goo
*****, *****,
with no way to calm it
I just continue to spew

But the ***** isn't *****
It's really something true
The ***** isn't *****
It's all my love for you

But the feelings
I'm feeling
make me cringe and say "Eeeewww!"
Arlo Disarray
Written by
Arlo Disarray  In your imagination
(In your imagination)   
       Eve Lastnamehere, EJ Aghassi, Chris, ryn, --- and 5 others
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